Since our inception we have been dedicated to the sole purpose of providing a better tomorrow by helping our children today!

Proudly serving the Valley for over 27 years and the recipient of The Community Service award!

Our Goal is to continue working with inner city youth and schools in the Metropolitan Phoenix area. The Future is Now Outreach Program concentrates on the young people as well as their families. We focus on the fact that the entire nation's youth today, no matter where they reside, are confronted with a set of negative challenges never before seen in our country's history.

Our professional staff and longtime affiliation with several support organizations enables us to present positive solutions and guidance presented by daily problems. Our organization consists of a select group of world-class athletes and business people who share our desire to change our world for the better.

The Future Is Now school assemblies and our one on one program have met with great success and proven results. The educational assistance arm of The Future Is Now has been highly successful through scholarships awarded to the less fortunate student. These students are recommended by teachers, community leaders, or by our Board of Directors. This program allows students to continue in their educational career and achieve their goals for their future.

Fun is also a major part of The Future Is Now experience. Children have the opportunity to participate or be spectators at sporting events, major attractions, concerts, swimming, and other foundation events. Our track record speaks for itself.

We rely on you, our sponsors more than ever to help us with our leaders of tomorrow. Our youth need your help with our Outreach Program more then ever. Quite frankly, it will be very difficult to continue our programs without your tax-deductible contributions.

Each day we begin a new beginning, a fresh start at the world. Please help us to let these children and their families believe that their future will be brightened and that they too have the chance at a fresh start! Help us to allow their dreams and aspirations become a reality. We need you to be part of our team, and remember there is no I in TEAM!

Now is the time to make the difference in one child's life and give them hope for a better tomorrow!

The Future Is Now Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 Corporation! Please send your tax-deductible contribution or contact us for more information at:

The Future is Now Foundation
1635 W. Flower Circle .N, Phoenix AZ 85015
Phone: 602-631-9388
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